Village News, 1/24/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


PotLuck Social – that was a great community event! The motivation for the event may have been the partial government shutdown and furloughed workers, but all were invited. Thanks to the Rolling Valley ES PTA, the Village West Pool, the Vikings Swim team and Rolling Valley ES for a very good evening with great food and even better friends and neighbors. I estimated about 120 people enjoyed the evening meal at that event, but I think there was enough food to feed another 100 or so.  


Reckon we ought to give credit to Amy Meli and Jenna Barron for arm twisting the CAWSV Board of Directors into joining forces and finances with the other hosting organizations.


Republic Trash – One last article just to remind all that each household has a separate agreement for trash services with Republic. The CAWSV negotiated the rates, but each had to sign your own separate agreement and return it to Republic. And now, we are each having to sort out their overcharges and inferior service. We have reports that 3 separate families broke through and actually got a bill correction. Some were granted a credit for missed collections. One called Republic last week to “chat” about their issues. The other side of the chat gave them 1-844-737-8254 to help resolve their issues. They (the village couple) did call and got right through to a consultant (Whitney) who actually found a copy of their signed service agreement.


Whitney said that she was very sorry that rate increases were applied without notice. And, she did not make any mention of additional rate increases coming our way, so we’ll just wait and see what happens. By our agreement, Republic has to give us a written 30 day notice before price hikes.


She stated that she would go back five quarters and adjust to the base rate of $75.50.    She was very nice, professional and courteous, and duly impressed our neighbors. 


Two other villager was handed off to Sales (phone option #5) who also found their signed agreements and corrected their bill. Another resident was told that they would waive the early termination fees minus the rest of the billing month charges if she wanted to find another trash service. Good luck to those who did not sign and return the agreement.


I am still waiting to hear back from county about my complaint about Republic’s poor business practices.


Community Directories – will be delivered this weekend by some very generous volunteers. Civic Association members will get a copy, but we do have extras for those who have yet to join us. It will cost $10.00 for non-members, but that comes with a free membership for the rest of this membership/fiscal year. New residents who arrived after 1 November 2018 get that directory and the rest of this membership year free by providing normal membership information (names, address, phone and email).


Indoor Yard Sale/Vendor Sale – this Saturday, 26 January from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (6509 Sydenstricker Road Burke VA 22015). Vendors include Thirty-One, Tupperware, Usborne Books, Jewelry, Mary Kay, Essential Oils, Discovery Toys, Rodan & Fields, Art work, Quilting, LulaRoe, and Seasonal Roots. In the yard sale room will be household goods, clothes, toys, tricycles, books, holiday décor and much more. Proceeds benefit the St. Andrew’s Youth Pilgrimage trip to England in July.


Stay safe, warm and dry.


John Cooley



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