Village News, 1/31/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


Please ignore any spelling, grammar or sentence construction issues below. In a bit of a hurry today.


2019 Community Directory – Most have been delivered and all should be by Sunday evening.  Let me know if you were missed. Take a moment to review the directory to offer constructive comments to our Directory Editor, Kirby Myers at


Thanks to those who volunteered their time to deliver the directories to civic association members:  Wendi Dorey & Family (Barnack), Jim Kirkpatrick (Sandover in Rolling Valley subdivision), Andrea Lewis and her son Michael (SVD), Sue & Vince Trinka (Barnack), Tim Royster (Smyth), Julia Hale (Wythe), Logan Mast (6805 Landor), Ed Wyse (6901 Loudoun), Kim Brown (Rolling Road), Bernie Koehle (Edmonton), Kathy D’Amato (Barnack), Glenn DeMarr (Barnack), Liz Greene (Vancouver), Leanna Wilson (Ontario), Carol Baccari (Ontario), Maria Daugherty (Vancouver), Coleen Airgood (SVD), Kevin and Kirsten Higuchi (Elkton), Felix and Valentin Bois (SVD), Lori Branch and son Wes (Vancouver).


Those who chose to not join our association can purchase a copy for $10.00 that comes with a full voting-rights membership in our CA. Just let me know.


Once Again - Trash Services – I’m running this out again so you can be armed before engaging Republic about your bill or their service.


  • Quarterly Rate: $75.50 abase rated + $1.50 rate increase = $77.00 ($25.67 per month).
  • Quarterly Senior/Military Rate: $70.35 base rate + $1.50 rate increase = $71.85 ($23.95 per month).  

We do not have a Civic Association Agreement! I negotiated the terms for each household who wanted to participate, but the agreement is between you and Republic or any other company you selected.


Separate yard debris collection stopped on 19 December 2018 and will start again on Wednesdays, 6 March 2019 through just before Christmas Eve 2019. Those who have filled leaf bags on the curb should start putting one or two in with your household trash on Mondays and also on Thursdays. We all have twice per week collection of household trash even though many don’t put trash out on both days. My Edmonton Court neighbors often divvy up bags to put in many toters on our street. Strongly suggest you coordinate with your neighbor before doing the same along your street.


Paint, Used Motor Oil and Lubricants should not be put into the trash without first being completely dried. Look at the paint in our streets that is a result of someone putting it into their trash and then the truck’s compactor bursting the can and allowing the paint to leak onto the streets. Not cool! Kitty Litter helps to dry paints.

Blowing trash is normal in the fall and winter, but seems to be worse this year. Maybe it’s due to the new procedure of dumping our toters into the truck or maybe we all need to make sure we bag tour trash and keep the toter lid closed.


Just called county again and left a message requesting where they are in determining what is wrong with Republic and other commercial haulers. I want to be patient and let them work, but many of you have received your quarterly bills and are rightfully concerned. If they suggest they’ll disregard the agreement then they will have to also set aside and early termination if you want another hauler.


One neighbor called 1-844-737-8254 seeking help to resolve their issue. Whitney, a Republic consultant actually found a copy of the service agreement that this couple had signed and resolved their billing to the amount in the agreement plus increases.


Two other villager was handed off to Sales (phone option #5) who also found their signed agreements and corrected their bill. Another resident was told that they would waive the early termination fees minus the rest of the billing month charges if she wanted to find another trash service. Good luck to those who did not sign and return the agreement.


I believe it is official – trash has taken over the most often discussed issue in the village beating out Rolling Road Project and Dog Poop!


Renovation Open House – 2 February from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Marc & Carla Spitler (6509 Greenview Lane) recently had their whole first floor renovated. After all the trucks, dumpster and a POD in their driveway for the last couple months, they thought it would be nice to extend an invitation to neighbors to stop by to see the improvements, visit and to meet the contractor, NVS Kitchens and Baths at the "Renovation Open House". All are welcome.


Welcome to my brother Steve Cooley (USN – retired) and his wife Susan who are visiting from Whidbey Island, Washington.


Stay safe and warm.


John Cooley



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