Village News, 2/28/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


Welcome to the Village – David & Katherine Luu moved into 6811 Barnack Drive. Stop by to welcome them and also pen their information into your Community Directory including their email addresses (David and Katherine


Please let our Membership Chair Julia Hale and me know if/when you get a new neighbor. Those arriving after 1 November get full voting rights in our civic association for the remainder of the current fiscal / membership year by simply providing their information.


Fairfax County Economic Development Authority – Kathy D’Amato (Barnack) reported information from the quarterly E-Bird Extra newsletter. The recent edition contained articles such as robots delivering food at George Mason University, using crushed glass in road construction and pipe laying, replacing streetlights with LED bulbs, electric and self-driving cars and use of drones. Check out the newsletter at:


The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) - is looking for volunteers. From Lori Branch (Vancouver Road) - On Wednesday, March 6, TAPS we will host our single largest fundraiser, the Honor Guard Gala at the National Building Museum. This year we'll have floral centerpieces on 80 tables.  The centerpiece design has already been selected, and there will be someone from Urban Flowers on site Wednesday morning to direct the centerpieces assembly.  We are looking to recruit 10-15 volunteers who have an interest in flower arranging and would like to donate a few hours.  The fresh supplies will arrive already cut and ready to go, kind of like a Blue Apron for centerpieces, but having volunteers who not only enjoy arranging centerpieces but can easily follow directions, would be of tremendous help to TAPS.  We plan on a 9am start time, and it should take about 3-4 hours to complete the project. Volunteers will be provided lunch. If you or someone you know might be interested, please email Lori Branch at or call 202-391-0845. To learn more about TAPS, please visit



March 6                       Separate Wednesday Collection of Yard Debris Begins

March 10                     Daylight Savings Time Begins

April 5                         FCPS Student Holiday

April 13                       Secure Document Shredding Event (see article below)

April 15 - 19               FCPS Spring Break

May 4                          Village Home and Garden Tour

May 9                          WS Village Meeting

May 11                        Village Wide Yard Sale – Volunteer Coordinator Needed.

May 12                        Mother’s Day

May 18                        Yard Sale (Rain Date)

May 25                        Memorial Day Parade,

                                    Picnic & Pool Party

May 27                        Memorial Day / FCPS Student Holiday

June 13                        Last Day School

June 15                        Village Cleanup (note change from the Community Directory)

June 16                        Father’s Day


2019 Shredding Events - The Fairfax County Department of Public Works has announced its annual list of dates for free shredding services. The Springfield District event is set for Saturday, 13 April 2019. There are other events scheduled in neighboring districts. Visit for the full list of dates and locations. These are great since you simply drive up with up to 5 medium size boxes of material to shred, stay in your car while county crews unload your boxes and then you drive away. You papers will be cross shredded right there, but you will not get a certificate of shredding.

Random Acts of Kindness – I failed to mention last week the unselfish efforts of others to help during the last snow, rain and ice event. And since we have more wintry weather coming – thought to include today. Thanks to Jason Henry for shoveling my sidewalks and driveways and other Edmonton Court homes. Morgan Gregris, Ian and Brendan Womack also shoveled snow at their neighbors’ homes. Thanks again Mark Gregris and his Johnny Popper tractor for plowing sidewalks, driveways and also our street. I know many of you either helped others or were helped by others. I am happy to recognize acts of neighborly kindness in the enews – send in your reports.


Property Management – I’ll run this again since I blundered on previous attempts. Ghezal Gobar (Brisbane Street) is a property manager for KRS Holdings Inc. She runs the Northern Virginia Office for KRS. Clients of KRS Holdings have enjoyed the benefits of this equation to property management for well over a decade – enhanced bottom-line plus peace of mind … knowing that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants. As a property manager for lenders and property owners throughout Virginia, KRS Holdings will meet and exceed your property management needs.


Successful property management is based on simple math: Add value to your assets, subtract unnecessary expenses. An added plus is that your lifestyle will remain unaffected by the day-to-day needs of your rental property.


Whatever your property management needs may be, Ghezal and KRS Holdings stand ready to serve. Give her a call or email Ghezal today. It never costs anything to talk! Office 703/254-5812, Cell: 571/329-5247,,


Stay safe and warm.


John Cooley


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