Village News, 3/7/19

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Scam Alert – Village resident received a message this week from the Social Security Office (or so they claimed). Said they needed her to contact them ASAP to fix a problem with her account and was gracious enough to provide her a phone number for her to call. She wanted all to know that it was bogus and indeed yet another scam. Be warned and beware!


What is the Future of Recycling – taken without shame from an article (“Is This the End of Recycling”) written by Alana Semuels, a staff writer at The Atlantic. Now, that we Americans are finally recycling, unfortunately much of it ends up in the trash. Most of our recycled commodities had been shipped to China, but last year, they restricted imports of certain recyclables and imposed higher standards on what they would accept. Without a market for recycling, we (collective we) have two choices: pay much higher rates to get rid of recycling to include 3rd party sorting, or throw it all away with household trash.


For decades, we’ve been throwing just about whatever we wanted into the recycle bin and sending it to China, where low-paid workers sorted through it and cleaned it up. That’s no longer an option, at least at this point in time.


Most domestic businesses don’t want recycled material knowing that 25 – 30 percent of what ends up in the blue bins is contaminated or actually trash. And in the U.S., it makes little sense to employ people to sort recycling so that it can be made into new material. Virgin plastics and paper are still cheaper in comparison.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has been the rallying cry, but that may have to change. If we can somehow figure out how to better sort recycling, some U.S. markets for plastics and paper may emerge.


The best way to fix recycling is probably to buy less stuff, which would also have the benefit of reducing some of the upstream waste created when products are made. But that’s a hard sell in the United States, where consumer spending accounts for 68 percent of the GDP.


True Story - I went to Bosnia when it first started heating up. We encountered a large number of displaced people who needed quick and inexpensive shelter or tents. The blue water ports were destroyed early in the conflict as were bridges and rail connectivity. So, I travelled the area looking for something that would work and a lot of that something. I found nothing. I had all but given up when I spotted a small factory building a few hundred meters off the road and went to investigate. It was a plastic recycling center where they chopped used plastics, melted them and made them into massive rolls of plastic sheeting, heavy plastic sheeting. The proprietor was thrilled to unload a lot of his inventory that had begun stacking up when the war between states, religions and cultures started. He was embarrassed because he could not deliver clear plastic, but that opaque product was perfect for temporary shelters.


I have been an environmentalist since before I could spell it, but change be a coming. You can read the article at


Advisory from the Marine Corps Base Quantico – Rich Randa reported that the Marines Corps Base Quantico has upcoming training that may cause very loud noise and noticeable ground vibrations. Rich listed the schedule that is posted on their website. Please click on the web link below for further information. Mar 7 - 7 AM to 4 PM. Mar 8 - 7 AM to 5 PM. Mar 9 - 8 AM to 8 PM.


2nd Annual West Springfield Village Home & Garden Tour - The WSV Home and Garden Tour is back! This popular event will be held on Saturday, 4 May from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Contact Tim Royster at or 571/275-0871 by 4 April if you are interested in showing your home and/or garden.  Homeowners of the Rolling Valley subdivision are also welcome to participate! You pick which part of your home you want to show. Remember, it does not have to be perfect to be on the tour! This self-guided tour offers participants an opportunity to visit unique residential properties in our beautiful neighborhood established in 1966.  Join us to learn about remodeling projects, unique challenges and much more. Please start the tour at 6905 Smyth Street.




March 6                       Separate Wednesday Collection of Yard Debris Begins

March 10                     Daylight Savings Time Begins

April 5                         FCPS Student Holiday

April 13                       Secure Document Shredding Event (see article below)

April 15 - 19               FCPS Spring Break

May 4                          Village Home and Garden Tour

May 9                          WS Village Meeting

May 11                        Village Wide Yard Sale – Volunteer Coordinator Needed.

May 12                        Mother’s Day

May 18                        Yard Sale (Rain Date)

May 25                        Memorial Day Parade,

                                    Picnic & Pool Party

May 27                        Memorial Day / FCPS Student Holiday

June 13                        Last Day School

June 15                        Village Cleanup (note change from the Community Directory)

June 16                        Father’s Day


Secure Document Shredding Events - The Fairfax County Department of Public Works has announced its annual list of dates for free shredding services. The Springfield District event is set for Saturday, 13 April 2019. There are other events scheduled in neighboring districts. Visit for the full list of dates and locations. These are great since you simply drive up with up to 5 medium size boxes of material to shred, stay in your car while county crews unload your boxes and then you drive away. Your papers will be cross shredded right there, but you will not get a certificate of shredding.


Be safe.


John Cooley


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