Village News, 4/11/19

Dear WS Village Neighbor / Friend,


Home and Pet Sitters – Last week we asked folks, to include capable youngsters to let us know if they’d be interested in providing services as Pet Walker, Pet Sitter and/or Home Sitter. We promised to put together a list of interested and willing helpers. The first to respond are Kate and Teresa Weir (SVD). Both have experience with pets to include dogs, cats, guinea pigs, each other and more. They are willing to work separately or in tandem depending on your negotiations. My wife and I were quick to hire them and I think you will as well when you meet them. They ask to be contacted by text or email – Teresa’s is / 703/582-7469 and Kate is 703/867-3403 / I am certain that Marcia and Woody Weir are very proud of their young adults. 


Comfort One Air Conditioning and Heating – Gary Hamby has a special offer for new customers:  Free in-home estimate on new HVAC equipment! Just click here to take advantage of their offer. They can also be reached at 800/472-2408.


Supervisor Pat Herrity’s Thoughts on the FY2020 Budget: See his latest report ( to discover his opinion that election year budgets tend to be lean as is the proposed FY2020 budget, but the real caution is the election year promises being made now for the FY20121 Budget which already has a proposed shortfall of over $75M. Given that – expect the tax levy on your real estate will be increased yet again. They are already looking at adding at least another penny to that levy. Supervisor Herrity is concerned the fiscal impact both to our taxpayers and to our other priorities like academics, public safety, parks, libraries, and teacher and employee compensation aren’t being considered above election year promises.


It sure seems like this drunken dance will never end; will it?


2nd Annual Home & Garden Show – Saturday, 4 May from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM – We are at risk of having to cancel this event if we don’t get more folks volunteer to open their home and separately express interest in viewing other homes to see how they solved unique problems for a home improvement project.


My home will be open for those who want to see how we handled a main or upper level addition without the home settling into the basement. Maybe you are proud of their home improvements and want to show what your home became or get ideas from what others have done. Where is that load-bearing wall and how can we address it in home remodeling? How do we account for that I-Beam that supports the main floor in the 3-level homes?


We aren’t looking to see how the rich and famous live – but what did they do to their 50+ year old home to improve it. No one comes away from this with bragging rights, but hope all who will either display their homes or travel about to see the open homes will come away with a deeper appreciation of what we have and what we can do.


Contact Tim Royster at or 571/275-0871 ASAP if you will show your home and/or garden or simply want to view other open homes.  Homeowners of the Rolling Valley subdivision are welcome to participate! You pick which part of your home you want to show. Remember, it does not have to be perfect to be on the tour! Join us to learn about remodeling projects, unique challenges and much more. 


2019 Shredding Events - The Springfield District event is set for this Saturday, 13 April 2019. There are other events scheduled in neighboring districts. Visit for the full list of dates and locations. These are great since you simply drive up with up to 5 medium sized boxes of material to shred, stay in your car while county crews unload your boxes and then you drive away. Your papers will be cross shredded right there, but you will not get a certificate of shredding.

Village West Pool NewsPlease visit the VW Pool Website at to learn more about the pool, membership, volunteer opportunities and the Village West Vikings Swim Team.

Volunteer Coordinators –The yard sale has one volunteer ready to help, but he’ll need at least one more to make it go smoothly. And we need one to coordinate our role in the Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party and Barbeque. The latter is mostly shopping for the drinks, chips, desserts, etc and helping the pool staff set up. Not hard, but I can’t do it from Connecticut and I don’t want to task another from the Board of Directors or the Executive Council. Community Service Credit will be available for those who may need such. Help!




April 13                       Secure Document Shredding Event

April 15 - 19               FCPS Spring Break

May 4                          Village Home and Garden Tour

May 9                          WS Village Meeting

May 11                        Village Wide Yard Sale – We have one, but need another Volunteer                                                                             Coordinator.

May 12                        Mother’s Day

May 18                        Yard Sale (Rain Date) – Volunteer Coordinator May Be Needed.

May 25                        Memorial Day Parade, Picnic & Pool Party – Volunteer Coordinator Needed (Pool to be open to all                              during this weekend.)                        

May 27                        Memorial Day / FCPS Student Holiday

June 13                        Last Day School

June 15                        Village Cleanup (note change from the Community Directory)

June 16                        Father’s Day


Stay safe and keep an eye out for our children outside playing!


John Cooley



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