Village News, 4/22/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. Calendar (Refer to the calendar in your community directory or see details in archived editions of the enews at our website

  • 23 April – Virtual Scam Jam from 9 – 11:30 AM
  • 24 April – Rx Take Back from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • 8 May from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Document Shredding at the Rolling Valley Park & Ride, 9220 Old Keene Mill Road in Burke.
  • 9 May – Mother’s Day
  • 13 May – Village meeting (set dues for FY22 and more)
  • 22 May – Scheduled Day for Village-Wide Yard Sale (virus permitting)

2. Covid-19 – Use to find the vaccines and to schedule an appointment. County has stopped accepting registration requests for the vaccine now that eligibility is open to the general public (Phase 2). There has been some frustration since the supply of vaccine has not substantially increased, but the demand certainly has.

3. Noise – weather is now allowing us outdoor activities and gatherings, and with that comes the potential for excessive noise. You or I can receive a citation / ticket when you cause or allow sounds that are plainly audible in any other person's residential dwelling with the doors and windows closed during County’s quiet hours (10:00 PM to 7:00 AM).

Quiet hours for the construction, repair, maintenance, remodeling or demolition, grading is between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM on Sunday through Thursday, or between 9:00 PM and 9:00 AM on Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before a Federal holiday.

Operation of power lawn equipment, including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, trimmers and edgers between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Owner or person in control of any animal that allows that animal to bark, howl, bay, meow, squawk, quack, crow or make such other sound:

  • During quiet hours (10:00 PM to 7:00 AM)
  • And, between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM when the animal sound is plainly audible and discernible across real property boundaries and such sound can be heard for more than five consecutive or non-consecutive minutes in any ten-minute period of time.

I would hope all of us will respect our neighbors and not cause too much noise. And, I hope all of us would first discuss your concern with that neighbor causing or allowing excessive noise, but if that fails to remedy the issue – then submit a complaint by first clicking on this link - FIDO - Fairfax County, Virginia.

4. This Week’s Featured Advertiser: Marcel’s Home Building & Improvement (571/233-4290, Marc Bonafe does custom home building and remodeling to include additions, decks, garage plus concrete & stone work. He has worked on many village homes and on my Edmonton Court home several times. Someday it will be safe again for you to come see my home and the quality of his work. The home depicted in his ad in our directory was a complete rebuild, but the landscaping came after the directory deadline. Thanks Marc and Marcel’s Home Building & Improvement for your ad in our Village Directory!

5. Cicadas – they are prepped and ready to come out of the ground. I found many holes in my yard and even a couple of scouts who must have been checking surface and air temperatures. One met the business end of my line trimmer and will not be singing for a mate. I should feel bad, but nope! Suppose the drop in temperature will cause them wait a bit longer.

6. Free Virtual Scam Jam Event – tomorrow, Friday, 23 April from 9 – 11:30 AM on Zoom. Keynote speaker will be Susan Hogan, Consumer Investigative Reporter for NBC4. She and other speakers will discuss scams targeting Virginians and the latest identity theft scams. For more information and to register, click here - Virtual Scam Jam (

7. Rx Take Back Day – this Saturday, 24 April, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at the West Springfield District Police Station, 6140 Rolling Road and it’s free. Dispose of unused or expired medications to help prevent drug abuse and misuse, accidental poisoning, and to protect the environment. Accepted items: prescription and non-prescription pills, e-cigarettes and vaping devices with batteries removed, small liquid packs/pods for e-cigarettes and vaping devices, prescription ointments, and medications for pets. Not accepted: illegal drugs, pressurized canisters (inhalers/aerosol cans), needles, large sources of liquids, non-prescription ointments and lotions. Disposal is FREE, convenient, confidential, and safe.

You can also request a free Deterra Pouch be mailed to your home. The pouch can deactivate up to 90 pills, 12 ounces of liquid or up to 12 patches.  Learn more here:

8. Community Yard Sale / Free for All? – We had scheduled 22 May for the yard sale not knowing if we can conduct it safely or not. Received too few responses to schedule an earlier free-for-all, but will also stay with 22 May and conduct it with the yard sale (if we can do either or both safely). Thanks to our FaceBook Group Moderator, Wendi Dorey – each of us can post items you may have curbside free to anyone wanting them.

9. Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bags Are Banned - Still seeing lawn & leaf debris plus grass clippings in plastic bags left curbside. Commercial haulers are no longer obliged to pick up yard waste in plastic bags. Paper bags or containers only. Republic picks up recycle on Mondays; consider using the recycle toter for yard waste collection on Wednesdays. Works well until they miss a pickup. You can also put a small amount in with your household trash.

10. Happy Birthdays!

  • Jane Lomax (Edmonton Court)
  • Suzanne (WrongWay) McCormick (my wife)

John Cooley, CAWSV


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