Village News 5/30/19

Dear WS Village Neighbor / Friend,  

Back from CT – at least for a short while. I remind all that when I’m on the road we should use our Facebook Group for messages and a lot of the type material found below. If we do submit an enews from some prairie dog hole in Wyoming – it will be posted only to your website with a FB message saying it is there.

Community Clean Up – Yes – the directory lists the wrong date! Our annual cleanup will be 8 – 12:00 Noon on 15 June at Rolling Valley Elementary School Parking Lot. We prepare the directory months before county gives us our normal 3rd choice of dates. I think we should start requesting our best choice as #3 and maybe we would get it, but on 15 June this year.

This program is intended to provide collection of: large appliances, furniture, lawn mowers (with gas and oil removed) tires (limit of 4, without rims), etc. We and the county staff will separate for recycling: washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifies and air conditions, etc. No additional work required from you.

The following items WILL NOT be collected as part of the community clean-up: normal household trash, brush, yard waste, rocks, bricks, concrete, stone, dirt, motor oil, hazardous waste, car batteries, paint, roofing shingles, construction debris, drywall, asbestos, glass, pesticides, toxic waste, hazardous chemicals, animal waste and explosives . Other items may be subject to approval by the county.

This event is for Civic Association West Springfield Village members only, but membership forms will be on site for those still needing to join. If you join there, it will cost you $20.00 dues for this membership/fiscal year and next.

Line up starting at 7:30 AM so we can optimize our time with the county crews, but do not put your offering on the parking before the county crew is set up and ready for you. 

Unwanted items that still have useful life will first be placed in the Last Chance Corral where anyone can take them for free. Every year we have wonderful treasures in the LCC making it worth your while to stop by to shop. This has been a very meaningful way to reduce and reuse items that still have useful life. Items not taken by 11:45 AM will be fed to the Jaws of Junk. So even if you have no junk, stop by to see if there may be a treasure for you in the LCC.

This is how you can get rid of old grills, appliances, mowers, bikes, furniture, old tires (off rim) and other items too large for curbside pickup by your trash company without an additional cost. This one event more than pays your cost of membership. Rolling Valley subdivision residents who are members of our CAWSV or who will join at the site are invited to join our CA and partake in the cleanup.

We need volunteers to work the site and crew pickup trucks to help move certain items from curb to the site. Typically, we help civic association members who need assistance, but will not have time nor the insurance to move items from homes. If you need help, let me know ( and have someone there to help load and at least make sure we take what you intended. Just keep in mind that those collecting from your curb are your neighbors, not county staff.

Please let me know in advance if you are willing to work the cleanup and if you have a pickup you’ll also volunteer. Kids love watching the county crew operate the site.

Community Service / Volunteer Work – John Boynton’s eighth grader needs to do some volunteer work.  He’d like to do yard work or similar help for older village residents. If you can benefit, contact John at

 Dog Poop and Cigarette Butts – County does have a pooper scooper law and also one against littering for those who toss their cigarette butts onto other yards. Some of the offended parties are willing to teach others how to field strip a cigarette butt to help protect our environment. And, since we’re on topic – leash law still in effect, quiet hours are still 10 PM – 7 AM that includes barking dogs. Please walk you dog so that he / she or it does their business on the verge (that grassy area between the sidewalk and curb). Enough said; right?

Keys Found - Someone found a set of keys in front of 6811 Landor Lane. Description: one silver key and one bronze key looks like a house key. All held together by a small pink hook.  They were left on the mailbox for rightful owners to collect.

Memorial Day Weekend Picnic and Pool Party – Pictures of the event wanted to post to our website. Thanks to Jenna Barron who represented our CAWSV for this event. Sorry to have missed this event, but did anyone make deviled eggs?


June 13                        Last Day School

June 15                        Village Cleanup

June 13                        Last Day of School

June 16                        Father’s Day

August 1                      Our Civic Association Membership Drive Begins; ends in November; dues still $10/annum

October 10                  Village Meeting at 7:30 PM at RVES

Stay cool and beware the thunderstorms!

John Cooley, CAWSV


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