Village News, 6/10/21

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

1. Calendar:

  • 11 June - Last Day of School
  • 20 June – Father’s Day
  • 14 October – Village Meeting, 7:30 PM, vote to Ratify FY21 Audit Report, vote to pass a FY22 Budget Proposal with markups if needed and vote to elect new Board of Directors.

2. Community Cleanup – most often asked question is about the cleanup, but it is still cancelled for this year. I ask frequently for reconsideration often and the best I can get is their promise to let me know if things change.

3. Covid-19 – Those who are unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated are encouraged to continue wearing a mask. Click here to find who has which vaccine and to schedule an appointment to include for those 12+.

4. CAWSV Signs – Thanks to those who have already volunteered their yards to advertise our civic association, but need several more, especially homes on the east side of Rolling Road. We want to provide a sign for you to display now and then from now (you decide when) until 1 November when we’d pick them up back up for storage.

5. Hiring Our Heroes Virtual Career Fairs (June-July) – taken from The Herrity Report - The US Chamber of Commerce is hosting a series of virtual job fairs from now through July to encourage the hiring of veterans for a variety of careers. To learn more, click here.

6. Computer Crisis Averted - My computer jumped the tracks last Thursday and apparently took all my files with it. Fortunately, Village resident Bob Havey (D2D Computer Services) was able to restore most, if not all of my files to include archived copies of the enews. Not sure why it went off other than I connected my iPad to the PC using a USB port. In hindsight, my attempt to reset the PC was foolhardy. I didn’t want to bother Bob until it became apparent that I was in way over my head. I was!

Bob reminded me to never talk to strangers about computer issues and that he is not that stranger. I should have called him immediately. During the 2 hours that he remotely controlled my computer and talked to me about it, he shared a few tidbits of computer knowledge that may help you as well.

  • Windows Defender is sufficient to shield viruses for most home computers.  McAfee, Norton or my ESET are not needed. Malwarebytes may be useful, but it has to be purchased.
  • Clear your desktop. I had kept too much stuff on that page for ease of access. Bob said it cost me in computer performance and speed.
  • I had my account log-in and passwords stored in a file on the computer (the one that didn’t want to work) making it multiple guess for each application. Should have had a paper copy somewhere for just these “emergencies”.
  • Keep the D2D Computer Services contact information (, 703/569-8195) close at hand in case your PC follows mine off the cliff. Bob’s prices are quite reasonable.

But to make what I recorded useful for others, I asked Mr. Havey to add to it. Here are his professional comments:

“It’s not really clear what happened with the interaction of the iPad, the computer, and the part between the chair and the keyboard, but the main problem was that the computer had been reset.  When the computer is reset there are 2 choices:

  • Reformat the drive and do a fresh installation of Windows.
  • Reinstall Windows, but keep your files. This option leaves all of your data intact, but it leaves you with no application software.

Fortunately, John chose Option 2.  No files were lost, but since there were no installed applications, the default app for these files was changed to things like Google Sheets (for Excel files) and WordPad (for Word Files).  Google Sheets is part of Google Drive, which is Google’s answer to Microsoft Office.  WordPad is a mini word processor built into Windows.  Reinstalling MS Office “recovered” all of the “lost” files.  Because he had been using Carbonite, we could have retrieved all of the files, but the process would have taken longer (hours, if not days).

Microsoft purchased a small antivirus company several years ago.  I had been using their product on Windows XP and Vista computers when customers were reluctant to spend more money on security software.  Microsoft then rebranded the software and rereleased it.  I used the Microsoft version on Windows 7 computers.  Microsoft folded the antivirus and some other security measures into Windows 10.  The ratings of the now built-in Windows Defender have been pretty good.  I don’t believe 3rd party antivirus is necessary for home computers.

I do recommend using a 3rd party antivirus (Norton, McAfee, Malwarebytes, etc.) for business computers.  I should really be encouraging more people to use Malwarebytes because it’s the first thing I reach for when I think a computer is infested with malware or PUPs (potentially unwanted programs).

Storing things on the desktop seems to be encouraged on a Mac, though I suspect that it is really is no better than it is on a PC.  If you have a lot of files on your desktop, there is no way to organize them unless you are willing to drag them around the screen.  It’s OK to store a download on the desktop and delete it when you are done with it, though I still don’t recommend it.  Data files, however, are vulnerable to being lost, and it takes time to render all of those icons at startup.  The “right” way to handle those files is to put them in subfolders of your document folder in the first place.  If you must have the file or the folder available on the desktop, create a shortcut to the file or folder.  At very least, collect all of the data files into a folder so you will not have any trouble finding the shortcuts to your applications or things like your scanner.

I don’t usually store passwords for the sites that I use.  A few have slipped by me, and the ones that are not important, I don’t do anything to delete.  Another thing I might add is that because a lot of people store their passwords, some of them do not even realize that they have a password for some accounts (email, logging on to the computer, etc.).

I am happy to help you with computer issues. I encouraged John to keep a PDF, word, or text file on his desktop with my phone number.” Very funny Bob!

7. Featured Directory Advertiser – Windows Plus (4321 Markham Street, Annandale, VA 22003 – with decades of field experience in windows, doors, siding and roofs) – Due to the problems I experienced last week, I could not include Windows Plus ad in the enews, but here it is:

8. Leash Law & More – Fairfax County has a leash law and a pooper scooper law. And, please remember that dogs are not allowed on school grounds. And, while we’re at it – filled poop bags should not be deposited in trash toters other than your own and certainly not in the storm water intakes that eventually ends up in our drinking water.

9. Contractor Recommendation - Janell Maeger reported that they had their siding, soffits, and gutters replaced and now can highly recommended Presidential Exteriors, ( Janell said they were very professional, good pricing, delivered ahead of schedule, easy to work with, and had great coordinated communication. They are beyond thrilled with their work, that you can see at 6803 Ontario Street

Take care, stay safe & cool!

John Cooley



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