Village News, 6/27/19

Dear WS Village Neighbor / Friend,

I do believe summer has arrived.  

Curbside Collection – No matter which trash company you are using (Republic, American or Bates) – please notify county at and District Supervisor Pat Herrity ( each and every time you are missed. And also call in to your service company. I expect will see changes, but for now – they are obliged to county to pick up household trash once per week as well as once per week for recyclables and once each week for yard debris. The only leverage we have is through county who manages their license to operate in Fairfax County.

Community Cleanup Comments – Comments about ECHO weren’t meant to disparage their good work. It isn’t on ECHO, but on us to haul what you think they may be able to use to them. That will not become a CAWSV requirement, but at least two families did take items from the Last Chance Corral to deliver to ECHO and I/we thank them. More of you know better than me what ECHO can use in their efforts to support local families.

English Ivy and Bamboo – Many of us still have it in our yards and up against the side and backyard fences. Many original owners planted it as ground cover knowing that it would run and spread. Bamboo and Ivy do not recognize property lines and go through, under or over fences into our neighbors’ yards. Be that neighbor who cuts that stuff back away from the fence and certainly off the fence on your side.

Membership Drive – We won’t get busy with the drive until August, but can take early payments once we set the amount in the May meeting. FY20 dues will again be $10.00 for the membership/fiscal year (1 October 2019 – 30 September 2020), but $11.00 if you pay using PayPal due to their transaction fees. If you will be travelling later this year, you are welcome to send in your dues payment. Not trying to rush you or the drive, but want to make it convenient for all to use PayPal if you want by clicking “Here”. Of course you can also pay ($10.00) by check mailed to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. Make check payable to “CAWSV”.

Recycling – we had a lot of comments on FaceBook that suggested a need to clarify. Yes – we can still put bottles and glass into our recycling container, but knowing that most of that glass is not recycled, contaminates other recyclables and goes into the landfill – why not haul it to the I-95 Landfill where there is a separate collection point or soon we can take it to our West Springfield Government Center on Rolling Road to deposit it in a large purple bin? Purple Glass Recycling Bins will be located throughout the county in an attempt to reduce the amount of glass that is put into the landfill. At the landfill, there is a Big Blue machine now being used to crush the glass into sand or gravel textures for use in construction.

At least one family is advertising their interest in collecting bottles and glass and volunteering to haul it to one of the collection points. You can find them on our Village Group on FaceBook. I will follow Supervisor Herrity’s suggestion to put glass into the collection point at West Springfield Government Center on Rolling Road. The purple collection container should be there next week if not already. Please give the alert via FaceBook group if/when you discover it is there.

I visited my brother on Whidbey Island Washington where he periodically loads up his recyclables (bottles, plastic, cans and paper) to haul to a central collection point operated by a businessman. Might be a good business opportunity for our area.  


August 1                      Civic Association Membership Drive Begins

October 10                  Village Meeting at 7:30 PM at RVES

Fall Village Meeting – Usually held at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday in October in the Rolling Valley Elementary School. At this meeting, we ratify the FY18 audit report, pass a FY19 budget proposal with markups as determined in the meeting and elect a new Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). The 5th member of the Board is the Past President, a position our Directory Editor Kirby Myers is filling for us. The Executive Committee (Membership Chair, Directory Editor, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and WebMaster) are appointed by the Board of Directors (BOD) and do not require a membership vote.

If you can manage your family finances and are interested in village issues such as increasing membership and the Rolling Road widening project, you have what is needed to serve on the BOD. Or maybe you will want to volunteer to come to my home to audit Treasurer Liz Greene’s financial records in early October before the meeting. More to follow on the audit and about the meeting, but please do consider nominating yourself to serve on the BOD and/or the Audit Committee.

Does it take much of your free time? No – I was President of the CAWSV at the same time PTA President at RVES and then at Irving MS and also Treasurer of the Springfield District Council while coaching a Travel / Select Girls Fastpitch Softball Team. OK – I might not have been good at any of those volunteer jobs, but it didn’t infringe on family requirements

I suspect that the Rolling Road Project will also be on our fall agenda knowing that VDOT will soon start property acquisition. In case you are new to the Village - utility relocation will begin fall / winter 2020, construction will commence in the fall of 2022 and planned to end in the fall of 2024. Let me know if you have questions about the project, but first look to our website for more information (

Happy Birthdays – Kerry Cooley (my best daughter-in-law) and also Mary Jane Cooley who is visiting our area from Fort Collins, CO. Celebrate Safely! Remember that if you give me something to include about your family, I will not include news about my clan; otherwise – Game On!

Stay cool and safe! Beware – Little People at Play!

John Cooley, CAWSV


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