Village News, 7/25/19

Dear West Springfield Village Neighbor / Friend,

GoDaddy Emails – the mail merge using Verizon/AOL failed so we are experimenting with yet another email service (GoDaddy). In advance – I apologize if you get more than one copy of today’s enews. Whenever you don’t get the enews at all, it is undoubtedly in your suspected spam folder. Please note that all of the email addresses listed in our directory have been disabled for this service, except I am also and Preferred address for normal village communications is Verizon. The website has already been updated.

Help Wanted – Civic Association Secretary - Long term village resident and equally long term volunteer and CAWSV Secretary Ed Wyse and his wife Margaret will soon move from the village. They will leave before the next village meeting when we elect new officers, but we can and should appoint an interim Secretary for transition opportunities with Ed and then confirm that appointment at the 10 October meeting. I believe Ed will tell you that his position, like all on the Board of Directors (BOD)  doesn’t take much time. Our Secretary is asked to vote on issues as a BOD member, attend village meetings (2 each), prepare the minutes of those meetings to distribute to other attendees for review and approval. Once approved, the Secretary provides those minutes to our webmaster for posting to our website (

Ed did a lot more for our village, especially as a representative to the Fairfax Federation of Citizens’ Association of our village and the Springfield District Council. He worked practically every mission we set out to do to include the Village clean up, yard sale and Pohick Stream Park cleanup. All the other volunteer efforts he provided the community do not necessarily convey with the CAWSV Secretary position, but we do need a 5th member on our Board of Directors serving as Secretary. Ed can be reached at if you want to discuss the position with him. Term of this appointment will be a one year plus a couple months unless you want to continue at the October 2020 meeting. If you are willing to serve our community as Secretary, please let me know (

I should mention that all of us on the Board of Directors and on the Executive Council are volunteers serving without pay. You will need a computer and have email service. So – no pay for work performed over the next year plus – who wouldn’t want it?

Village West Pool News – submitted by Amy Meli, Village West Swim Team Representative:

            Village West Pool will be hosting the NVSL Division 16 Swim Meet this Saturday, July 27.  The meet is scheduled to begin at 8:30 AM and end by 2:00 PM.  Staff, officials, and swimmers will begin to arrive as early as 7:00 AM and will be parking on the streets in and around our community.  

            We will have traffic marshals posted at the intersection of Elkton and Barnack Drives where swimmers will be dropped off for the meet.  Only staff, officials with parking passes, and residents, will be allowed on Elkton Drive between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM. 

            We have asked our visitors to use caution when driving and to park courteously in our community. We appreciate your patience with us during this event and invite you to come watch some of the meet. We have great concessions and will be serving breakfast and lunch. You'll also be able to see some fast swims by our neighborhood kids. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 703/395-2817.

National Night Out / Ice Cream Social – Tuesday, 6 August from 6 – 8:00 PM at the Village West Pool. We will again co-sponsor an ice cream social with the Village West Pool as our National Night Out. It will be open to all in the village, regardless of membership in our Civic Association or in the Pool. Pool Board of Directors will open the pool to all for swimming at 5:00 PM and ending at 8:00 PM. I mean FREE ICE CREAM and a chance to SWIM – who wouldn’t want to join in the fun?

Streetlight Outage - How to Report – 1. Record the pole number. The complete format is either: one letter, four numbers, two letters, two numbers (for example, B1831 RL22), or two letters, two numbers (for example, ND66). 2. You can make the report by calling 866/366-4357 or send email via form found at

Street Signs - Because roads are owned and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation; they are also responsible for taking care of traffic signs (stop, yield, speed limit, etc) and signals. To report problems, call 1-800/367-7623 or use the VDOT work request form at

Street Name Signs - are maintained by the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services' sign shop. Call them at 703/877-2800 to report problems or complete the form at

Post Office, Recycle Glass and Drop off Unused Medicines – Sandy Milam suggested combining these activities. We can turn in expired or unused drugs at the West Springfield District Police Station (6140 Rolling Road) 24 hours a day /7 days a week and don’t have to wait for drug turn-in days.  It’s great that we can on the same trip recycle our glass making for a healthier community at the same time and same location. And visit the post office while there. Thanks Sandy.

Curbside Collection of Glass – Yes – you can still put glass out for curbside pickup by your trash company, but most of it will go into the landfill. If you put glass in your recycle toter with other recyclables, it probably will also contaminate paper, plastic and cans when the glass breaks or leaks. Contaminated recyclables go into the incinerator and / or landfill after a rather expensive 3rd party sorting. Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity suggested that if we can’t drop our glass bottles off at the purple collection container now located in the back lot of the government center by our post office – we might as well toss them instead into household trash and not the recycle toter. 

Missed Yard Waste Pickup – second week in a row to include all the promised makeup dates. I understand their problems, but also need our yard waste removed from our curbs. If you haven’t filed a complaint, please do so by sending an email to and


August 1                      Civic Association Membership Drive Begins

August 6                      Ice Cream Social / National Night Out

August 15                    Village Newsletter to be mailed to those not on our email list (input?).

Early October             Audit team meets to review our financial records and procedures (want to help?)

October 10                  Village Meeting at 7:30 PM at RVES

Stay safe!


John Cooley, CAWSV

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