Village Newsletter, 10 October

Civic Association of West Springfield Village

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Village News, 10 October 2018


Dear West Springfield Village Neighbor,


If you are new to West Springfield Village – welcome. I am the current President of our Civic Association of West Springfield Village (CAWSV) and trust you’ll also find this is a good family-oriented community. If you have lived here for some time, I hope you have similar impressions of our community and willing to share your opinions with new neighbors.


Purpose of this newsletter is to request your membership in our CAWSV and also to provide an update on village issues, news and upcoming events. These printed newsletters are not sent on a schedule; instead as events dictate the need to inform all preferably by email, but also by mail, as needed. If you do have email, please send your address to me at so that we can keep you informed on a weekly basis at far less expense. Even if you elect to not join the CAWSV, please send your names(s), address, phone number and email address. We protect your information and use it only for civic association / village business. If you don’t have email and want to continue receiving these type newsletters – let me know at 703/451-7055 or by mail at 8131 Edmonton Court, if you haven’t already.


Membership is extended to all households, not just homeowners. We welcome your participation, even if that involvement is limited to just paying the annual $10.00 dues. The benefits and financial savings far outweigh the $10.00 annual dues. We negotiated discount-price services with Republic Trash. And we represent our village to district, county and state governments. Supporting the placement of a cell phone tower at Village West Pool and getting the traffic light at the intersection of Barnack Drive and Rolling Road are examples of that representation. Current hot button issue is the Rolling Road Widening Project that is discussed below.


We are an all-volunteer citizen’s association. With email and website, we have been able to drastically cut the need for volunteer hours to conduct village business. We do however, have opportunities for those who may need service credit. One such event is coming up on 13 October to clean the Pohick Stream Park adjacent to our village. See article below.


Our operating revenue comes exclusively from membership dues. We set dues amount at the May village meeting each year to cover our expected costs for the next fiscal/membership year. It has been $10.00 per annum for about 20 years now. Even though costs have gone up, we find ways to do more with less. We do a lot with your $10.00 dues to include frequent, professional mowing of the Rolling Road median through our village resulting in a much better appearance than if mowed by VDOT on their twice-annually schedule. We conduct an annual village-wide yard sale followed by a community cleanup at no additional costs for CAWSV members. We host or co-host with the Village West Pool several social events during the year. We provide a Community Directory to CAWSV members, a website (, these newsletters along with our preferred weekly enews sent to those who have provided their email address, regardless of membership status.


Please complete the attached form and mail it along with $10.00 dues payable to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152.


Current Leadership – You can find the list of current officers in your directory and on our website. But to mention just one – Julia Hale is our Membership Chair and can be reached at 703/569-3896 or by email at Julia and I are happy to answer your questions about the village and its civic association.


The Board of Directors and Executive Council are tasked to conduct the business of our village and its civic association during the periods between two village meetings. At the meetings, we get directions from the general membership on spending and how we are to represent village interests.


And now just some of the issues, events and news that should interest you.


Rolling Road Widening Project – In case you haven’t heard, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will widen Rolling Road to 4 lanes from Viola to Old Keene Mill Road. Included in their plans are left turn lanes, a raised 16’ median, a sidewalk on the east side to the intersection of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road and a multi-modal path on the west side of Rolling Road also to the Old Keene Mill intersection. Perhaps you have seen the surveyors along Rolling Road as they move survey reference points in preparation for the property acquisition needed for the project. The $50+ Million project is expected to be completed in two phases.


  • Phase I will be the improvement of the intersection at Rolling Road (RR) and Old Keene Mill Road (OKMR) by adding a second left turn lane from northbound RR onto west bound OKMR, a dedicated right turn lane also from northbound RR onto east bound OKMR. The queue lanes for right and left turns from northbound RR are to be extended further south than what we now have and the traffic signal will have to be changed.


  • Phase II will be the actual widening of Rolling Road to two lanes northbound and two southbound along with left turn lanes, a raised median and curbside parking where it now exists. Left turn out of Ashford, Glover Taft and Rivington and left turns into those courts/streets will no longer be possible once the project is completed. Overhead utility lines will not be buried as part of the project, but noise barrier walls are included where they will mitigate noise for the homes that do not face RR. No sound barriers will be placed in front of village homes. An 8 – 10’ shared-use path will be included on the west side of RR to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. A standard 5 or 6 foot sidewalk will be included on the east side of Rolling Road.


Here’s the schedule taken from There you can also find their briefing slides for more information about the project. If you are new to the village and have specific questions, send them to me ( or come sit on my porch to discuss. I’ll do my best to get answers to your questions.


  • Phase I Begin Right of Way Acquisition - Fall 2018
  • Phase I Begin Utility Relocation - Spring 2019
  • Phase I Advertise for Construction - Fall 2019
  • Phase I Begin Construction - Fall 2019/Winter 2020
  • Phase I Construction Completion - Fall 2020
  • Phase II Begin Right of Way Acquisition - Winter 2019
  • Phase II Begin Utility Relocation - Winter 2020
  • Phase II Advertise for Construction - Summer 2022
  • Phase II Begin Construction - Fall 2022
  • Phase II Construction Completion - Fall 2024


Most homes along Rolling Road will lose about 7 feet of front yard. The curb will move at least back to just inside the current sidewalk and possibly more. Temporary construction easements will take even more of Rolling Road front yards during the two year construction phase. New and permanent easement widths will depend on the water catchment systems planned to be buried under the walk paths and the roadbed. Right now, Virginia owns the area from the curb to house side of the sidewalk. The post-project utilities easement will be at least the same curb to sidewalk, but possibly more than 7 – 7 ½ feet based on final design and sidewalks / multi-modal paths.


Village Communications - Rolling Road is just one of the issues looming on the horizon that will affect all of us, whether you rent or own. Just recently, county voted to allow short term rentals such as Air B&B and are now considering a prohibition of parking fleet vehicles along state maintained roads such as all of our village roads. We often receive reports of crime in surrounding areas that potentially could boil over into our village. Other than neighbor talking to neighbor, our primary means of communicating are the weekly enews, our website and the FaceBook Group. These printed newsletters are too slow from event to getting the news into your mailbox. We don’t invade your privacy with phone calls or knocks on your door. The biggest challenge to our CAWSV is simply communicating with all who live in the village. If you have email – send your email address to me.


            Our FaceBook Group is a huge help in getting information out without time or editorial filters. Go to FaceBook, log in and then search for West Springfield Village and then join us. We enrolled our village into NextDoor that is helpful when you want to reach a larger audience in surrounding communities. Our Website ( is light years ahead of when we started it. Webmaster Bob Havey continues to improve our site as an effective communications medium that not only supports us, but also entices folks looking to buy or rent in our area. There you can also find archived weekly enews. Please take a look and offer Bob suggestions for improving the website’s representation of our village.


            Village Meetings are conducted twice each year on the second Thursday in October and again on the second Thursday in May, both at the Rolling Valley Elementary School, both starting at 7:30 PM. We set the annual dues amount in the May meeting based on forecasted membership and expected expenses. At the fall meeting we ratify the auditors’ report, adopt a proposed budget with markups as needed and elect a new Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). Meetings usually take an hour, but we have to be finished and leaving the building no later than 9:00 PM. Come say hello and voice your opinion. Meetings are open to all in the village, but only CAWSV members can vote.


Our civic association succeeds when others have not. In my opinion, our redundant communications media is a main reason for our success.


The Herrity Report – Our Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity puts out a monthly report that highlights the actions considered and taken by the County’s Board of Supervisors. You can get up to speed on district and county issues by subscribing at


Bullova Byline - Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Sharon Bullova also puts out a periodic report. Her website is also chock full of good information (


Crime Prevention – We have a passive neighborhood watch program where each of us watch our neighbors’ homes to help ensure property and family protection. Of course that implies that we get to know our neighbors and their general habits / schedules and that we provide similar information to them willing help watch my home. Please don’t leave cars unlocked even if in a garage nor leave items of value in plain sight in parked cars.


Fleet Vehicle ParkingCounty Board of Supervisors are set to vote on 16 October 2018 on whether or not to prohibit fleet vehicle parking along state maintained streets and roads. All roads in the village are state maintained. More details are available at:


Upcoming Events (look for updates in the weekly enews and on our website):


October 11                  Village Meeting at 7:30 PM in the cafeteria at Rolling Valley Elementary School

October 13                  Pohick Stream Park Cleanup 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (see article below)

October 28                  WS Village Halloween Party & Chili Cook-off – open to all in the village

November 4                Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 6                Election Day – our polling stations are Rolling Valley ES or West Springfield ES

December 22              WS Village Christmas Party – open to all in the village


Pohick Stream Park Cleanup – 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, 13 October. We clean from the west edge of our village down to the Pohick Stream. It is a great family outing providing a chance for our children to help improve our environment. We often see deer, an occasional fox and a lot of colorful birds. We’ll meet at the end of Smyth Street to distribute bags and water and then move into the woods adjacent to Elkton Drive, Smyth Street, and Loudoun Lane. Our goal is pick up trash in the park beside our village down to the stream. Others will clean in the area of Hidden Pond and its Nature Center. Suggest you wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and bring gloves. Filled bags will be left at our assembly point (Smyth Street) for county park authority to pick up. This is great for any group, troop or club to secure service credit. Come join us!


Come be part of our village rather than just live here.  




John Cooley

President, Civic Association of West Springfield Village 

8131 Edmonton Court


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