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7 March 2019

Dear Neighbor / Friend,


I hope you and your family are well and enjoying our village as much as my wife and have. I am the current President of our Civic Association of West Springfield Village (CAWSV). We bought our home over 22 years ago and truly enjoyed raising a child to adulthood here. She’s forging her own trail now, but many more youngsters still make our lives complete with s’mores, broken bikes/scooters, homework and their laughter. This is a good family place with excellent schools and relatively low crime; I hope you agree.


Even if you did not join our civic association, please send me ( your names(s), address and email address. It costs far less to keep you informed using email in a weekly enews message. If you don’t have email and would like to continue receiving these type newsletters whenever events warrant the time, effort and expense – let me know by phone at 703/451-7055 or mail at 8131 Edmonton Court. Rolling Road will soon be a hot topic needing to be updated weekly; the only practical way to do that is email, our website and our FaceBook Group.


If you haven’t yet joined our voluntary civic association, you can still anytime during the membership year (10/01/2018 – 09/30/2019). We welcome your participation, even if it’s limited to just paying the $10.00 dues. Membership is extended to all households, not just homeowners. If you arrived the village after 1 November 2018, the rest of this membership year is free, just provide your information.  If you would like to join, please provide your names, address, phone, email address and $10.00 dues to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152.


Why become a member? Your CAWSV represents the majority opinion at governmental hearings on such things as the traffic light at Barnack & Rolling Road, the upcoming Rolling Road project, supporting the VW Pool in their bid to get the cell phone tower in our area and helping to protect our schools from special interest initiatives. The money savings and benefits far outweigh the $10.00 dues. We negotiated discount price services with Republic Trash and pay for events such as the community yard sale and community cleanup. Plus, we host or co-host with Village West Pool several parties and community events designed to bring us closer as a community. The pool even offers a discount to those who are members of our CAWSV.


Rolling Road Widening Project – In case you haven’t heard, VDOT will widen Rolling Road in our sector to 4 lanes, with left turn lanes, a 16’ raised median, a sidewalk on the east side up to the intersection of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road and a multi-modal path on the west side also to the Old Keene Mill intersection. The project is expected to be completed in two phases.


            Phase I includes adding a second left turn lane from northbound (NB) Rolling Road onto WB Old Keene Mill Road and adding a dedicated right turn lane from NB Rolling Road onto EB Old Keene Mill Road. That is to commence in the spring of this year after being delayed for property acquisition.

            Phase II is the actual widening project commencing in 2022 and ending in 2024. Right of way property acquisition will take place in 2020, but can begin soon after their final design plan is approved. The project design calls for the median to block left turns out of and into Ashford Court, Glover Court, Taft Circle and Rivington Road. Left turns out of Winter Forest will still be doable, but even more death defying than now. Most homes along Rolling Road will lose at least 7 ½ feet of your front yard. The curb will move at least back to just inside the current sidewalk and possibly more depending on the final design. Temporary easements will take even more of Rolling Road front yards during the two year construction phase. Permanent easement widths will depend on the water catchment systems planned to be buried under the walk paths and roadbed. Right now, Virginia owns that area from curb to house side of the sidewalk. That post-project utilities easement will be at least the same curb to sidewalk, but possibly more based on final design and sidewalk / multi-modal paths.


If you rent, please also advise the property management team and the home owner about this project. Here’s the time line:


  • Phase I Begin Right of Way Acquisition - Fall 2018
  • Phase I Begin Utility Relocation - Spring 2019
  • Phase I Advertise for Construction - Fall 2019
  • Phase I Begin Construction - Fall 2019/Winter 2020
  • Phase I Construction Completion - Fall 2020
  • Phase II Begin Right of Way Acquisition - Winter 2019
  • Phase II Begin Utility Relocation - Winter 2020
  • Phase II Advertise for Construction - Summer 2022
  • Phase II Begin Construction - Fall 2022
  • Phase II Construction Completion - Fall 2024           

Village Communications - Rolling Road is just one of the issues looming on the horizon that will affect all of us, whether you rent or own. We also receive reports of crime in surrounding areas that potentially could boil over into our village. Getting the word out is much more timely using email, our FaceBook Group and our website than these newsletters. We don’t invade your privacy with phone calls or knocks on your door and now we no longer deliver the quarterly Village Crier newsletter to your door. The biggest challenge to our CAWSV is simply communicating with all who live in the village. So – here’s the fourth newsletter in this format. We will not send newsletters on a regular basis, but instead when something significant occurs and then only to those who tell us they rely solely on printed news.  


We have a FaceBook group that is a huge help in getting information out without time or editorial filters. Go to FaceBook, search for West Springfield Village and then join us. We also have NextDoor that is helpful when you want to reach a larger audience in surrounding communities. And there is our website ( which is light years ahead of when we started it. Webmaster Bob Havey continues to improve our site into an effective  communications medium that not only supports us, but also entices folks looking to buy or rent in our area. Please take a look and comment.


We are committed to all villagers who want to be informed. We ask you to respond to this newsletter to let me know if you want to continue receiving such updates. I can be reached at:, 703/451-7055) or text to 703/628-3613; or you can drop a note to my home at 8131 Edmonton Court, or to our official mailing address CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152. We protect the privacy of villagers and have not had any issues since we started gathering email addresses 20+ years ago. Our civic association succeeds when others have not. In my opinion, our redundant communications media is the reason. Come join us; come be part of that!


Village West Pool - A Genuine Community Resource right in the heart of West Springfield Village. We are fortunate to have the Village West Pool. VWP is a fun spot to cool off in the summer and get connected with your community. In addition to a large pool with slide and diving boards, VWP has a wading pool, picnic pavilion, grill, volleyball net, shuffleboard court, and children's play structure. In addition, VWP hosts a swim team, the Village West Vikings, which runs Memorial Day through late July and is open to swimmers of all levels ages 4-18. The pool works in close collaboration with the Civic Association, sponsoring joint social events like the Memorial Day weekend open house, ice cream socials, and an annual fall chili cook-off. VWP offers monthly and full-season memberships. Civic Association members can take advantage of a $20 discount on any membership type; there is also 20% discount for new annual members. For more information on the pool, go to or email For swim team information, visit or email



Event Calendar:


March 6                       Separate Collection of Yard Debris on Wednesdays Begins

March 10                     Daylight Savings Time Begins

April 5                         FCPS Student Holiday

April 13                       Fairfax County Secure Document Shredding Event

April 15 - 19               FCPS Spring Break

May 4                          Village Home and Garden Tour

May 9                          WS Village Meeting

May 11                        Village Wide Yard Sale

May 12                        Mother’s Day

May 18                        Yard Sale (Rain Date)

May 25                        Memorial Day Picnic & Pool Party

May 27                        Memorial Day / FCPS Student Holiday

June 13                        Last Day School

June 15                        Village Cleanup (note change from the Community Directory)

June 16                        Father’s Day


2019 Shredding Events - The Fairfax County Department of Public Works has announced its annual list of dates for free shredding services. The Springfield District event is set for Saturday, 13 April 2019. There are other events scheduled in neighboring districts. Visit for the full list of dates and locations. These are great since you simply drive up with up to 5 medium size boxes of material to shred, stay in your car while county crews unload your boxes and then drive away. You papers will be cross shredded right there, but you will not get a certificate of shredding.


2nd Annual West Springfield Village Home & Garden Tour - The WSV Home and Garden Tour is back! This popular event will be held on Saturday, 4 May from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Contact Tim Royster at or 571/275-0871 by 4 April if you are interested in showing your home and/or garden.  Homeowners of the Rolling Valley subdivision are also welcome to participate! You pick which part of your home you want to show. Remember, it does not have to be perfect to be on the tour! This self-guided tour offers participants an opportunity to visit unique residential properties in our beautiful neighborhood established in 1966.  Join us to learn about remodeling projects, unique challenges and much more. Please start the tour at 6905 Smyth Street.


Village Meeting – 7:30 PM, Thursday, 9 May in the cafeteria at Rolling Valley Elementary School. Should take no more than one hour; in fact – I guarantee it will take less than one hour leaving us some time for catching up with each other. Major agenda item that will require a vote is the dues amount for membership year / FY19. Hope to also have an update to the Rolling Road project and a report from the Village West Pool Board.


Village-Wide Yard Sale & Free For All – 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Saturday 11 May (18 May is rain date). Your civic association will place ads in the Washington Post to include their online service and on NextDoor. We’ll place yard sale signs throughout the village, but have to place them in front yards, not the verge between sidewalk and curb and certainly not in the Rolling Road median. Please don’t move the signs! Each participating household should place their own sign at the last turn to your home. We will also prepare a list of participants by address and general category of items for sale and attach a copy of the village map to help guide potential buyers to each participating address. We deliver several copies of that list to participants who in turn provide to their customers. The list will also include children’s lemonade stands.


By Thursday morning (9 May), please let me know your intent to participate with your address and a general category of items you want to sell. We have learned that that list should include some “spice” and possibly free stuff to lure folks to your address.


Free For All - if you have unwanted, items that still have useful life – consider setting them curbside during the yard sale under a sign clearly marking them as “FREE”. Anyone coming can collect your offerings, but do suggest you mark them in such a way as to not be confused with stuff you intend to keep or sell.


Memorial Day Picnic and Pool Party - On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend each year, your civic association co-sponsors a pool party and barbecue with Village West Pool. Your CA provides sodas, water, chips and other drinks for free. Volunteers at the pool grill food to sell at very modest prices. We ask that those who participate please provide a small side dish if possible (potato salad, baked beans, melon, salad, deviled eggs, cookies, etc.) to complement typical grill food.  Family members of deployed service members will eat for free.


Throughout Memorial Day weekend, the pool is open to the entire community at no cost  you don't have to be a member of the pool or the civic association to join in the fun! The pool’s Memorial Day weekend hours of operation are: Saturday 12 – 9:00 PM, Sunday 12 – 8 PM, and Monday 12 – 6 PM.


Village Cleanup and Last Chance Corral – Saturday, 15 June from 8 – 12:00 Noon at the parking lot at Rolling Valley Elementary School. I’d like to have you in line starting at 7:30 AM so we can optimize our time with the county crews. But don’t unload or leave anything until county trucks arrive. Get rid of old grills, appliances (washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves), televisions, mowers, bikes, furniture, old tires (off rim) and other items too large for curbside pickup by your trash company. And, it is free for our civic association members. Membership forms will be at the site for those who still need to join, but plan on paying dues for the current membership/fiscal year 2019 and also for FY20, $20.00 total. This one event more than pays your cost of membership. Rolling Valley subdivision residents are also invited to join our Civic Association and to partake in the cleanup.


            Prohibited Items - No regular household trash, brick, mortar, ceramics, concrete, stone, dirt, engine oil, car batteries, paint, roofing shingles, drywall, asbestos, glass, waste animal, yard debris, brush or hazardous materials. Lawn Mowers and other gas fueled items should be drained of oil and gas before bringing them to the cleanup.  County staff has the final word on what they’ll take, but they haven’t failed us yet.


            We will be able to help those who may need help moving stuff to the site. Let me know ( if you need help.  During the cleanup, you can call me at 703/628-3613 to request assistance.


            Last Chance Corral – Just short of the Jaws of Junk, we put useful items in the Last Chance Corral where they can be taken by anyone stopping by. This has been a very meaningful way to reduce and reuse items that still have useful life. So even if you have no junk, do stop by to see if there may be a treasure for you in the LCC. Items not taken by 11:45 AM will be fed to the Jaws of Junk.


Property Management - Ghezal Gobar (Brisbane Street) is a property manager for KRS Holdings Inc. She runs the Northern Virginia Office for KRS. Clients of KRS Holdings have enjoyed the benefits of this equation to property management for well over a decade – enhanced bottom-line plus peace of mind … knowing that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants. As a property manager for lenders and property owners throughout Virginia, KRS Holdings will meet and exceed your property management needs. Successful property management is based on simple math: Add value to your assets, subtract unnecessary expenses. An added plus is that your lifestyle will remain unaffected by the day-to-day needs of your rental property.


Whatever your property management needs may be, Ghezal and KRS Holdings stand ready to serve. Give me a call or email me today. It never costs anything to talk! Office 703/254-5812, Cell: 571/329-5247,,


Neighborhood Watch – We do not actively patrol our village, but do have a passive, neighbor watching neighbor program that has served us well over the years. As previously mentioned, we are relatively insulated from crime, but not immune. Get to know your neighbors, their schedules and routines. Ideally, you will also share with them your schedules, planned work on your home and vacation absences. You should be able to reach your neighbors by phone and also have the police non-emergency number (703/691-2131) programmed into your phones.


2019 Fairfax County Teen Job Fair and Resume Building Workshop – our Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity is co-sponsoring this event Saturday, 23 March from 10:00 AM - 12:00 noon at the West Springfield High School. Other sponsors include the West Springfield HS Student Government Association and Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. These events give our teens the opportunity to speak with employers and businesses an opportunity to connect with teens looking for jobs. Many teens have left the fair with actual jobs and many more with scheduled interviews.


There are several such job fairs across the county, but only one at WSHS. Last year over 120 employers participated and found talented, driven Fairfax County students to fill their vacant positions. The focus is on student job seekers (approximately ages 16 to 18) looking for full time employment, after-school employment, seasonal positions, internship opportunities, or volunteer experiences. They are open to all teens in Fairfax County looking for employment or wanting tips to build their resume. Volunteer opportunities and resume building workshops will be available for younger students looking to begin to build their resume. We ask that students go online to register.


The other fairs at other locations can be found at the same link where you can register as an employer or student:


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 – There has been some expressed concern that the act did not increase refunds for some taxpayers. But, when you couple the reduction in paycheck withholding with the refund – it is a significant advantage for many. Even though my wife (and I) made more money in 2018 – our withholding was down by 12% and our total federal tax was down by 14%.


That’s all for now, but please do send me your email address or your request to continue receiving these type newsletters if you do not have email.


John Cooley

President, Civic Association of West Springfield Village 

8131 Edmonton Court


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